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The names Dannie. 21. California dreaming. I'm into acting, comic books, morbid fairy tales and sarcasm. I love pandas. Also, I find beauty in broken things. Chit chat with me.




lorde’s 17 and shes expected to smile and wave and be perfectly fine in front of millions like hell i get nervous standing up to get off the bus, ya’ll need to leave her alone

britney spears could do it when she was 17 

britney spears had a mental breakdown years later as a result of being put on a silver platter for the media and public this is such a gross response i can’t believe so many people have reblogged this

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Dean + doing things that are way more attractive than they should be

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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Christus, The Golden Legend (via juliettetang)

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Night after night,
He sat and bleared his eyes with books.


#this is why I love Dean #he just cracks me up #he doesn’t give a fuck #there are so many perfect things about him but I just miss him doing stuff like this #now he is just sad all the time and that sucks

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walking into the supernatural writing office like


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